use any article

i need 500 word like 2 paper i use this book (Physics and Technology for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller) this is a link for my book pdf…

please bring in an article summary focusing on an article that is related to either chapter 6 or 7. For chapter 6, that includes electricity, electrical gadgets, new ways to generate electricity, the earth’s magnetic field or magnets in gadgets or big magnets, or materials that are good conductors or superconductors or semiconductors or insulators or really amazingly good insulators, etc, etc. For chapter 7, that includes any kind of wave, so earthquakes or tsunamis and how they propagate, or the science of sound (or putting out fires with sound waves — I kid you not) or quantum mechanical waves or sound cancellation or power from ocean waves or what makes a great surfing wave or vibrations and waves in cardiac tissue or shock waves or using doppler effect to find planets or ultrasounds in medicine. I mention all these things because if you just put ‘waves’ into a search bar, too many things will come up and some may not be interesting, so it’s worth thinking about what you’re interested in with a little more detail.

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