Urban wastewater systems: Storm water, Critical Thinking Unit 4 and Unit 5 homework help

Unit 4:  ( Urban wastewater systems: Storm water ) 

1.Explain how reducing storm runoff reduce pollution load into the river.

2.Describe possible relationship between urban population density and urban runoff. 

3.What is the effect of higher number of automobiles on storm water runoff? 

4.What is the current storm water runoff policy or incentive to reduce the impact of runoff in DC?

5. Describe the impact of impervious parking lots on urban runoff.

6. Describe the relation of impervious surface and combine sewer over flows? 

Unit 5: (Sewer System )

1. Describe the cause of combined sewer overflows

2. Describe the effect of combined sewer overflows

3. Describe solutions to prevent sewer overflows to rivers or lakes. 

4. Compare separate and combined sewer system

5. Explain factors that cause sanitary sewer overflows

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