Unit 4 Discussion: Mental Healthcare, health and medicine homework help

Unit 4 Discussion: Mental Healthcare

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Mental illness is quite common and can cause negative health implications, including disability. Nearly half of all Americans will develop at least one mental illness in their lifetime. Mental health problems can be difficult to track due to the overlap in symptoms and the fact that many suffering do not seek treatment. Not only is there a general stigma in society against mental health disorders, but there is also a barrier to care and treatment due to high costs. Approximately one third of the homeless population suffers from a mental illness.

Choose one of the following three types of mental health disorders below. Use the ECPI Online Library to research and discuss the health disorder in your initial post.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Impulse Control Disorder
  3. Mood Disorder

In your initial post, please address the following information:

  • What are the major symptoms of the disorder?
  • Epidemiologically, what problems do you see with collecting information about this mental health disorder?
  • Do you feel that public health personnel should play a larger or smaller role in the mental healthcare arena?
  • What interventions are currently employed in the public health community to reduce the prevalence of this disorder?
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