Under the health and safety Code of Practice, what do the guidelines state that employers must… 1 answer below »

1.Under the health and safety Code of Practice, what do the guidelines state that employers must do?

2.What do you think it means, in terms of work practice and activities, that duty of care extends beyond your workplace or worksite to include the community and the environment?

3.What are the penalties for employers who breach the health and safety Act?

4.List three (3) main actions that can be undertaken at your workplace to minimise environmental impacts.


5.What are three (3) reasons why waste reduction and resource recovery are important?


6.What does ‘sustainable’ mean in relation to the environment?

7.On vehicles, many components can be reconditioned for reuse. Name five (5)?


8.What type of waste is produced by coolants and what is the environmental damage from coolant waste?

9.What type of waste are oils and what is the environmental impact if waste oils are incorrectly disposed?

10.Which vehicle exhaust emissions can damage the environment?

11.Vehicles have an impact on the environment in terms of what?

12.When fuel evaporates, how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere from the following fuels?

1 litre petrol:

1 litre LPG:

1 litre diesel:

13.Used vehicle batteries contain ‘What’ materials that can be very harmful to the environment?

14.Tyres are illegal to dispose of to landfill. Why?

15.What environmental damage can used oil filters have on the environment?

16.Air conditioning gases such R12 can impact the environment by damaging what?

17.What can excessive noise created by an automotive workplace have on the environmental?

18.Parts water and solvent washers waste can produce?

19.Why is recycling of paper and general rubbish important?

20.What is the ‘Waste Management Hierarchy’?

21.What are three (3) key principles which you must be aware of when it comes to recycling?


22.What general waste in an automotive workplace can be recycled?

23.When recycling general waste, why MUST it be stored separately?

24.Name five (5) ways to reduce the amount of water you use in an automotive workplace?


25.Name ten (10) ways of reducing the amount of energy you use for electricity, fuel and gas in an automotive workplace?


26.What’s three (3) ways of reducing solvents, chemicals and petroleum products in the automotive workplace?


27.What is a Bund?

28.How should waste oils be stored and disposed?

29.When changing the oil on a vehicles engine, what should you use to catch the waste oil?

A.Drain panB.Mop bucketC.Storm water drainD.Funnel

30.When handling, trapping, storing and disposing of waste oils, which document should you use to find this information?

31.What are spill kits?

32.A Trade Waste Agreement allows you to dispose of trade waste through?

A.The water waysB.A triple interceptor which is then directed to the sewer and treatedC.A sewer systemD.None of these answers are correct

33.In the event of a chemical spill, what ten (10) general guidelines should be followed?


34.Explain what a grease trap is?


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