Transforming the Montebello Complex, 3 Assignments help

1st Assignment :
Transforming the Montebello Complex
For over 70 years, the land at 2201 Argonne Drive in Northeast Baltimore has been occupied by a medical facility that was last known as the Montebello Rehabilitation Hospital.  Morgan State acquired the property in 1996 and it is now known as Morgan’s Montebello Complex which houses the Offices of Financial Aid, Records & Registration, and other university services. 

The many of the university’s services will likely vacate this building to a new student services building to be built in a more central location.  This will present an opportunity for new development at the Montebello site. 

As an aspiring civil engineer, please write a 1-2 page summary suggesting what could be designed and implemented to transform the Montebello property into “LEED certified” green building(s) that would serve as a dormitory or dormitories for our growing student population.   What new design features, inside and outside of the building, should be considered? Briefly describe the purpose and function(s) of the proposed “green” features.

2nd Assignment:

Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering

What are the specific roles of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineers in the Sustainable Development of the Westport Area of Baltimore.

3rd Assignment:
Check the file that I uploaded to get the idea. And please write about another tower (something totally different)

Thank you,  

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