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ethics project on the Volkswagon Emission Scandal.

You are required to prepare and submit a 5-page engineering ethics case study report. Cover page and reference list are additional. Your team report should include at least 5 references and at least 1 scholarly journal paper [e.g. IEEE] specific to your engineering ethics topic. [100-pts].

Write a 3-5 page discussion of the case study including the following:

  1. Describe the project in detail including the ethical dilemma. [consider background, problem, challenges, consequences; solutions; stakeholders or other issues you deem relevant]
  2. How does the problem associated with this project qualify as engineering ethics?
  3. Did the characters follow the ethical canons? (Which code of ethics are you referencing?) Why or why not?
  4. What are some ways in which the ethical problem could have been dealt with?

This a 3-part assignment team effort – Report, Powerpoint & Audio Presentation.

and the Powerpoint summarizing your main points, ideas or findings.

Be sure to include the NSPE Code of Ethics that has been violated, i.e the fundamental canons or professional standards which have been violated, and explain how the ethical problem could have been dealt with [50-pts].

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