The World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) released a lackluster report about the World Ban


The World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) released a lackluster report about the World Bank’s Department of Health, Nutrition, and Population in 2009. The IEG found that one-third of the department’s public health programs were ineffective. While many programs were highly successful, programs such as HIV-AIDS in Africa only had a 25% success rate compared to the typical 80% overall success rate for the World Bank’s programs. The IEG discovered that the department’s public health programs were too complex and did not have organized planning procedures (Faiola, 2009).


Many people and organizations such as the World Bank undertake public health programs; unfortunately, not all programs are successful. The most common reason for failure is lack of effective planning. Regardless of good intentions, a successful plan requires careful and systematic advance programming.


For this Assignment, you will be assigned to a small group to analyze public health programs and the effectiveness of their program planning. You and others in your group will review articles describing two programs that approached the same health issue in two different ways. As a result of the group collaboration, you will submit a paper that analyzes and makes recommendations related to the planning of these two public health programs.


For this Assignment, use peer-reviewed, scholarly articles in addition to the Learning Resources to support your paper.


Review your assigned public health programs provided in the Learning Resources. In your document, do the following:



  • Briefly describe the programs studied (1page).
  • Explain how improvements in planning might have changed the program outcomes (2 full pages)




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