The University of Texas at Arlington Healthcare Database Project

Database Project

This week we will apply concepts from the readings to a database project. Data is collected, entered, monitored, extracted, and analyzed for various purposes. This assignment will provide experience in searching a database, reviewing and analyzing specific data elements and formulating the information into a written report. This is not intended to be a lengthy or time-consuming assignment, but will require some effort.

As a nurse leader/educator, you will have many opportunities to use reports and documents that are sent to you for completion. In addition, being able to write a brief and concise summary is an essential and valuable skill. A written report document has been created for you and will be used in your final submission. Please read the instructions carefully!


1. Choose 1 of the following websites for the assignment:

2.. To begin the assignment, click the link for the Database Project Report.

NURS5308 Module 4 Database Project Report Template

3. Enter the information into the report, using complete sentences. You may use single-space. Your responses should be a brief and concise summary. Do NOT copy and paste directly from the website. I am interested in your synthesis of the information. Use proper citations according to APA format.
Note: An additional written summary is not needed as that is the purpose of the Database Project Report document.

4. Submit a written report including a cover page, the table from the Database Project Report, and a reference page. Follow APA format.

5. Use of peer-reviewed articles and citations are to be included in your responses.
Note: The content provided below is the same as in the Database Project Report document.


Background Information

1. Choose one website from the above list and provide the name of a publicly accessible database for healthcare

2. Citation for the website in APA format

3. What is the purpose of the database?

Data Details

1. What type of information is available (such as but not limited to age, gender, diagnosis, state, etc)?

2. Who oversees the data and how often is the database updated?

3. When was the last update?

1. How can the information in the database be used? Explain
2. Are there any restrictions to accessing and using the data?

3. Why is this important to know?

1. Based on your research, what are the benefits of data mining?
2. What are the challenges of data mining?
3. What is the correlation between data mining and evidenced-based practice?
4. How can leveraging data be used for quality improvement?
5. What is the role of nursing informatics in data management?
6. In your role as a Nurse Administrator/Leader or Nurse Educator, how do you foresee using data and information? Include a specific example

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