the HIV-1 Transgenic rat, biology homework help

A. One page typed synopsis

B. Questions on the HIV-1 Transgenic rat:

1. What are transgenic models?

2. Why do some transgenic models work and others do not?

3. What types of AIDS models are there? What are the advantages to each of the models and what are their limitations?

4. From a medical perspective, what can be achieved with the HIV-1 transgenic rat?


For further information on this topic, you can read several papers on the HIV-1 transgenic rat. You can find these papers on my Researchgate web page.

1. Go to (https://www.researchgate <https://www.researchgate/>)

2. Sign in (it is free).

3. Where it says “Search” in the upper right click, then click:  “researcher”.  Type in my name: Frank Denaro

4. That brings you to my ResearchGate main web page.

5. On that web page you can find the papers on the HIV-1 Transgenic rat. The papers are in the over view or contribution sections.  By clicking on the article, you can see them and down load them. You should then read the article and answer the questions and write the over view for credit.  Be sure you include the title of the paper you read.

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