The Dynamics of Ocean Basins – Discussion Forum Post, science homework help

I need 2 or 3 paragraphs on the below AND two replies to peer posts.

While there are only four oceans, there are many more than seven seas! Choose a sea and describe it for the class. Be sure to include its location, how it formed, its size, and any other significant facts about it. You can’t choose one that has been chosen, of course!

Peer Post 1:

I have always been interested in Alaska. Thus, I decided to learn more about the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska. The Bering sea is 775,000 square miles and bordered by Russia and Kamchatka Peninsula on the west, the Aleutian Islands on the south, and Alaska on the east (Worldatlas, 2016). I found that the exploration of the Bering sea and strait was interesting. Bogdanov, K.T., Davies, P.J., Lisitsin, A.P. & Alekseev, A.V. (2016) wrote “The Bering Sea was first explored by Russian ships under Semyon Dezhnyov, in 1648. They are named for Vitus Bering, a Danish captain who was taken into Russian service by Peter the Great, in 1724…Bering sailed again in 1733, leading a large expedition from St. Petersburg along the northern coast of Siberia, and he reached the Gulf of Alaska in the summer of 1741.” The Bering Sea is known for excellent commercial crab fishing and salmon (Worldatlas, 2016). I used to watch crab fishing shows in the Bering Sea, back when I had time to watch television!

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Peer Post 2:

I have chosen to write about the Dead Sea simply because this is a place that has fascinated me for a long time. Particularly the stories about how you can’t drown in the Dead Sea, and how the extreme levels of salt have magical properties. Though there has been no evidence that the minerals in the Dead Sea actually have healing properties, the salt and minerals found here are often used in cosmetic products (2016 Compare Infobase Ltd., 2015).  The Dead Sea is located within the Middle East, bordered by Israel and Jordan, just 5 miles east of Jerusalem (2016 Compare Infobase Ltd., 2015).  Another unique factof of the Dead Sea is the way water flows into the sea, but not out of the sea (2016 Compare Infobase Ltd., 2015).  Along with this, the Dead Sea is also located 400 meters below sea level (2016 Compare Infobase Ltd., 2015).

While doing research for this assignment I found that there are reports that the Dead Sea is “dying”. Due to the recession of the water table, the fresh water aquifers appear to be receding as well (Hammer, 2005). This recession is causing fresh water to deplete and dissolve the salt and minerals surrounding the Dead Sea which is further leading to the collapse of ground and formation of large sinkholes around the perimeter of the sea. This sea was originally created by the shift of tectonic plates that also formed the Syrian-African Rift Valley millions of years ago (Hammer, 2005). Since this time the link that connected the sea to the larger bodies of water has evaporated leaving the Sea located at the lowest point of the earth (Hammer, 2005). Due to this physical formation of the sea, once water flows in, there is no way for water to flow out of the lake, rather it must evaporate.

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