The defenses that an employer may raise to a citation, discussion help

Define and discuss the defenses that an employer may raise to a citation. Give some examples of case law in your response.

Your response should contain approximately 200-300 words.


One of the Unit II essay questions asks you to discuss “Employer Defenses” to a citation.  Please note that there are five such defenses discussed in the text beginning on page 74.  You must discuss all five in order to receive full credit for the essay.  You must also include some case law in your discussion.  Please note that “multi-employer worksite” is not a defense.

The second essay is regarding the recordkeeping standard.  In order to receive full credit on this essay, it is important that you cover these three issues: 1) some disorders that have special recording criteria; 2) employee access to records; and 3) fatality reporting requirements.

Please let me know if you have questions!

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