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The 9/11 commission is one of the greatest establishments that brought recommendations that changes the united states in different areas of security, crimes as well as terrorism. The commission did one of the best analysis of the terrorist attacks and the threats thereof. One of the primary recommendation that they developed was on information sharing. The many agencies that existed during the preparation and the execution of the attack on American society had failed to share intelligence information in a better way. If the information were shared in proper and timely manner, it would be simple to avert the issue and even protect the life of many Americans who died or injured during the attack.


Over a couple of agencies that were mandated to offer intelligence information or perform intelligence tasks at the borders as well as at different levels of government worker more or less independently before the attack. Many thought that this agency would see the need to share information at any given time and that different kind of intelligence reports would have been acted upon with diligence. However, according to the 9/11 Commission report most of the mistakes (as cited by Alexander & Kraft, 2007) that ignited the issue of the attack was the poor relationship (p. 894). Many of the organization including the CIA and FBI among others worked in isolations and seemed to be rival to each other regarding intelligence and different kind of reports.


From the 9/11 Commission, the implementation of information sharing between the intelligence agencies ( as cited by Boon, Huq, & Lovelace, 2011) is a breakthrough to the that has created a network among intelligence agencies ( p. 43). The intelligence information collection has gone a notch higher over the last several years with the primary aim of averting any crimes across the United States. Several operations agencies have joined had over the last few years and collaborate regarding information.

The information collected is shared among the agencies and compared to similarities that help in preventing any action of terrorists and thus protecting the lives of many Americans who were prone to this crimes. Through the Patriot Act, law enforcement agencies have been mandated to share investigative information that may be contacting information regarding terrorism and counterintelligence together with protective information to among other agencies. Immigration report together with defense and national security reports must be shared across agencies and a disclosure of some information that has for long been hidden across agencies.


In essence, information sharing has been necessary across the groups of agencies to ensure proper protection of lives and property in the United States. This has ensured that many of the threats have been averted and Americans kept secure.


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Good post. Do you think the communication among agencies is sufficient today? Even with the fusion centers that information sharing on the local level, some states are still reluctant to use those centers to full capacity.”

Respond to the question in the bold paragraph ABOVE base on the section above it… in APA format with At least two reference…..

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