Texas A & M International University Work Related Injury and Illness Costs HW

After completing your graduate degree from your University, you decide to start your own occupational industry safety and health consulting business. Things are going well. You are the principal consultant in your organization, and you hired an administrative assistant to assist you with administrative and office operations. Your administrative assistant came to you reporting a medical problem suffered at work. As a result of frequent typing and a poorly designed work center, your administrative assistant is suffering from tendonitis, which you want to address quickly so that the problem doesn’t worsen or progress to a worse disorder such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Your employee seeks medical treatment, is treated and has improved. The direct workers’ compensation cost for this incident was $20,000. At this time, your profit margin is 7%. Using OSHA’s Safety Pays software, answer the following:

  • Identify the indirect costs of the injury/illness.
  • Identify the total cost of the injury/illness.
  • Identify the sales required to pay for the total costs of the injury/illness.
  • Make an argument how an effective safety program is beneficial from a business perspective using the outcomes of your analysis using the OSHA Safety Pays program.
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