Temperature Kinetics, physics homework help

1. 400 L of water is at 4oC. If it took a heat source 600 seconds to heat this up to 6oC, what is the power rating of the heater?

2. A 95g cup of tea at 85oC is poured into a 1.25 L large tub of water at 30oC . What is the equilibrium temperature?

3. 150 g of ice at -10.5oC is raised to the melting point and then raised to 76.0oC. How much heat is added to the system?

4. A distant star is 7000 K and radiates 1.20 x1027 W. What is the star’s radius? Assume = 1.0.

5. On a warm summer day in California it can get as hot as 115oF, and on some cold winter days it can get as cold as -20oF. What are these temperatures in Celsius?

6. An aluminum sphere is 5.50 cm in radius. What is its volume expansion coefficient if it increases in volume 2.00 cm3 when heated from 100oC to 151oC?

7. Carbon 12 is defined such that 12g is one mole. So if a diamond is 37.5 g, how many moles of carbon are in it? How many molecules of carbon are in it?

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