Telenursing…Is It in My Future? (graded, 200 points)

Telenursing…Is It in My Future? (graded, 200 points)

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate safeguards and apply ethical principles to the use of healthcare technology. Last week you were asked to search in the library for sources for this assignment. 

Help to Complete The Telehealth Assignment in Week 4

How to Search for Telehealth:

  • Nursing Reference Center
    • Use the search term Telehealth
  • PubMed
    • Use the search phrase Telehealth Nursing
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text Database
    • Use the search phrase Telehealth AND Nursing AND Practice
    • Choose the limiters: Full Text, English Language and Research Article
  •  EBSCO Databases – Main Search Page
    • Select the EBSCOhost Advanced Search link
    • Select Medline from the list
    • Use the phrase Telehealth OR Telemedicine AND Nursing
    • Limit to Full Text and the last 5 years
  • Google Scholar
    • Use the search phrase Nursing Telehealth
    • Use the Custom Range to change the date to 2010-2015

Plunkett’s is a good database in which to find statistics and industry information about Telehealth and the health care industry in general:

  • Plunkett Research Online
    • Click on Research An Industry
    • Use the drop down in the Select A Major Industry Group Field
    • Select Health Care from the list
    • Click on Market Research and Trends
    • In the Select Topic Field, use the drop down menu to choose a topic
    • Number 21 is specifically about Telemedicine, but you may find others in the list helpful as well

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