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With the intensely challenging economic and social climates, varying media environment, unstable relationships between the policy makers and the citizens and the cultural diversity today, science outlooks as an equipped tool that can be used to solve the problems resulting from these factors. With all the current changes in the American culture, there is need to include objective measures to address particular problems. There are various ways to which science can play a crucial role in the cultural sectors and vice versa.

Scientists are affected by the cultural factors when carrying out their scientific activities and evaluating the theory. The factors include psychological reasons and practical concerns such as self-esteem, respect, curiosity, financial security, and authority. Another cultural factor is the metaphysical worldviews. This influences the criteria used in evaluating some scientific concepts. Another factor is the ideological principles that affect the way scientific research should be done in the society, and finally, the opinions of the authorities also have a significant impact on science (Mahdi, 2015).

These cultural factors interrelate with each other and work in a multifaceted social context that includes individuals, the scientific community, and the society altogether. Science and culture are equally interactive, and they both influence one another equally. Various cultural influences come as a result of personal consistencies between ideas and actions. For instance, a scientist can accept a scientific concept that is steady with the ideological and the abstract theories. All the scientific influences vary widely in different cultures (Bowles, 2012).

With the rise of new scientific technologies, it is important to keep improving the culture. Protecting American culture and imparting social recognition will only take place with an eccentric course on the scientific theory and exploration of intercultural communication.

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