Taif University What Is Zika Virus & when Did the Zika Outbreak Start Paper

These are the questions that need to be covered in the paper…..

What is Zika virus?

What are the symptoms of Zika?

The history of Zika virus?

When did the Zika outbreak start? And where?

Is Zika virus still threat in 2019?

What are the Health effects and risks?

Prevention and transmission

The humanitarian aid that Brazil had received when the virus started?

* The main focus should be In Brazil.


  • 1-Write as second language.
  • 2- The paper needs to be a minimum of 5 pages (not including title page, abstract and references), in APA 6th edition format.
  • 3-Use simple academic words.
  • 4-At least 6 references ( reliable sources)
  • 5-Include citation.
  • 6-Use APA format. ( 12 Point Times Roman font; double space.,Running head )
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