Study about alcohol

Please use the following resources on alcohol:

(You can use other reputable resources as needed too)

Please comment on at least 6 of the following questions for your discussion forum this week.

1)Please comment on something you found interesting about the history of alcohol use and compare it to the role of alcohol in society today.

2)Do you think alcohol is a nutrient? Please provide some justification for your answer.

3)Provide a brief summary of one or two aspects of either alcohol absorption or alcohol metabolism.

4)Comment and describe alcohol’s effect on two organ systems in the body (i.e. brain, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, liver).

5)Describe one or two nutrient deficiencies that may result from excessive alcohol consumption.

6)Do you think alcohol has benefits? Why or why not?

7)Name one or two conditions that may result from the harmful effects of alcohol.

8) What you learned about one myth. Were you surprised about what you read? What were you surprised about?

9)Write about your personal relationship to alcohol or that of a family member or friend.

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