South University Teaching Plan: Nursing Discussion

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Teaching Plan: Nursing

The development of a teaching plan proves to be crucial for nurse educators since it provides a direction both to the nurse educator as well as the learners. In this case, it is urged that nurse educators come up with a teaching plan that reflects the course’s objectives and goals (Weidman, 2013). In addition to this, the plan should also incorporate a strategy for examining or testing the students. This will act as an indicator of whether the teaching plan is effective or not. While the development of such a plan is fundamental in teaching, there are some challenges and new experiences that a nurse educator may encounter in the whole process. This piece of literature simply outlines some of the challenges as well as the new experiences that I encountered while creating and developing the teaching plan.

The first observation that I had while developing the teaching plan is that the students’ participation is required when it comes to every program. In relation to this, as a nurse educator, it is important to guide the student in their participation. However, this can only be achieved in a situation where the nurse educator has the specific skills as well as knowledge when it comes to the achievement of nurse educator roles; as in line with the competencies that a nurse educator should master. Apart from this, I had a good experience in understanding how the different courses related to each other and why it is crucial for the learners to learn these courses. I got this experience following the realization that general science for nursing practices can be related to trends in health and new strategies. In this case, the two relate in such a way that a nurse should be equipped with the knowledge of general practices that nurses perform as well as what is trending in the industry. For example, diagnosis strategies keep on changing in the industry and this may require nurses to change or divert the general practices of nursing. Based on the key competencies of a nurse educator, understanding the link or association between the different courses is a representation of professional practice.

I experienced some difficulties in allocating time to different courses. Deciding on the time required to achieve objectives of different courses proved to be a challenge. This is because the estimation of different courses proved to impossible with the enormous amount of content to be covered. For example, health and technology have a lot of dynamics that cannot be ignored. However, it is not possible to cover all these as it would mean that other courses will be shadowed. The solution to this issue is basically engaging the learners more when it comes to courses such as this one. This implies that some of the contents of the course should be covered by students themselves in terms of assignments, quizzes, and projects. This will reduce the bulky contents of the courses immensely. I believe that the development of such a solution or strategy is a representation of a key competence of curriculum development for a nurse educator.

Finally, I felt like the expectations of the institution were putting too much pressure when it comes to the development of the teaching plan. This is in terms of ensuring that all the objectives of the courses are aligned with key competencies of nurses’ educators as well as my personal goals. In this case, the achievement of these goals may be impossible because of poor allocation of time. Therefore, this compromises the key competencies as well as the personal goals I may have throughout the course.


Weidman, N. A. (2013). The lived experience of the transition of the clinical nurse expert to the novice nurse educator. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 8(3), 102-109.

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