South Florida State College History and Development of Nursing Discussion

Answer the questions listed below:

Introduction: Briefly describes history and development of nursing as a profession

Is nursing a profession?

Discuss different criteria and behaviors that characterize a profession?

Provide examples of service/altruism, accountability, autonomy, specialized training and knowledge, research, competency, self-regulation, ethical conduct, and a professional organization.

In current nursing literature, what examples can you find that demonstrate these criteria in nursing practice? Discusses how nursing demonstrates at least three characteristics/behaviors of a profession – provides examples from current nursing literature

Describes one barrier to the recognition of nursing as a profession

Present a case for the recognition nursing as a profession.

Conclusion: Discusses the current role nurses can play in advancing the profession of nursing

4-5 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages)

Reference: Black, B. P. (2017). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (8thed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier-Saunders. (978-0-323-43112-5) ——Use chapters 3,4,5

Includes five current and credible references – including three peer-reviewed nursing journal articles

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