Social Work Agency Assignment, student scholars will “view themselves as learners and engage…

Social Work Agency Assignment, student scholars will “view themselves as learners and engage those with whom they work as informants 2.1.4(4) Students will be scheduled to give an oral presentation about his/her agency. Students may use note cards, PowerPoint or other medians to support the presentations. This will essentially be a group oral presentation and will be evaluated as such. Any handouts that the student wishes to include will be distributed at the end of the presentation. The presentation should be only be (10) minutes (groups will be stopped if over the allotted time) long and must include but not be limited to the following. 1. A history of the agency and/or program 2. The purposes, functions, goals and types of services provided by the agency/program 3. A description of the clientele of the agency/program, areas of diversity/difference and strengths perspectives 4. The primary problems presented by the clients that the agency/program serves 5. How the agency/program is funded 6. Your impression and explanation of the Social Worker’s understanding of the scope of the services available to them through the specific agency/program setting 7. The interviewees’ knowledge and perception of the role of social work ethics within the agency/program


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