Social Welfare Policy

For this assignment you will be conducting a detailed policy analysis in the area of social need where you intend to practice, e.g. mental health, substance abuse, poverty, discrimination, child welfare, etc.Please identify one social policy or social welfare policy (on the federal or/and state level) that was implemented in order to deal with a social problem in the United States .Please utilize the APA style in formatting: Include citations throughout your paper and a reference page.Reference sources of information appropriately – this paper will require a certain amount of research, use a minimum of 7 references. Those include: Journal articles, text books, well sourced publications, government websites, and schools of research.Make sure that the paper is organized with subheadings – corresponding to the items on the midterm outline. Please write in complete sentences and use quotations for direct quotes, no more than one direct quote per paragraph.7-15 pgeach paragraph can be written right under each question

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