Scholarly Activity

Food & Agriculture Field Study: GMOs

For the Unit VIII scholarly activity assignment, you should perform some research into genetically modified foods. Go to

the local supermarket or the local health foods store and find foods that are genetically modified. What did you find? How

do you know, as a consumer, if you are eating engineered foods? Was it clearly marked? Does it matter? Why is there a

debate over these foods? Should there be laws governing the production and labeling of GMOs? Explain.

While you are at the local supermarket, choose three food items commonly consumed in the local area. Identify each food

and where the items are produced – locally, regionally, or globally. How might this impact the local economy?

S since this is more of an investigative report your response should be at least one page double spaced with appropriate APA style writing Times New Roman 12 font that use right more you will not be penalized it is required that you cite your textbook or at least one other source in the assignment.

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