Rocks with aphanitic textures , geology homework help

A rock that crystalizes from _________ must be _________.

a) Magma, intrusive

b) Magma, extrusive

c) Magma, clastic

d) Lava, intrusive

Rocks with aphanitic textures are typically formed by ______ processes.

a) Extrusive

b) Pyroclastic

c) Intrusive

d) Porphyritic

An intrusive igneous rock formation that forms a tabular feature that cross cuts pre-existing strata is known as a:

a) Sill

b) Dike

c) Stock

d) Volcanic neck

)A mafic igneous rock is likely to be ______ , in color.

a) Light (tan, light gray, pink)

b) Intermediate (medium gray or speckled black and white)

c) Dark (dark gray, black)

d) Bright green

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