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Revenue Management Plan Development ProcessType of ServiceEssayUrgency 2 hoursNo. of Pages/Wordcount1 pageStyle APA StyleDestailed DescriptionThe assignment (1–2 pages):Compose a series of 8–10 questions (political, tax, demographic, and administrative questions) that might be asked at a city council meeting related to a new criminal justice facility.Explain a conclusion you drew or insight you gained about the revenue management plan development process.Scenerio:In the city where you work as a finance officer, the city administrator and local sheriff are contemplating the construction of a new jail near the downtown main courthouse.It can be any city. But the city in which I currently live is AuroraThe city administrator has asked you to develop a revenue management plan for the construction.The construction is projected to cost the city $2.5million, with a necessary increase in the sheriff’s personnel, technical, and operating budgets each fiscal year following its completion.

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