Report on Specific Social Justice Issue/Major Historical Movement

Student will write a research paper on a historically oppressed group efforts to achieve greater social justice (e.g., black power movement, women’s movement, stonewall and the LGBT community, etc.).  The research analysis should include multiple (at least 15 from professional journals or books excluding the text book and internet sources) references from literature, theoretical perspectives, empirical research, etc.GuidelinesIntroductionAbrief report on the historyof ethnic group (i.e. their historical experiences, the major issues faced by the group, significant past and or current leaders/leadership)A brief description of current social and economic disparities in terms of education, employment, family structure, health and illness, use of medical and mental health services, etc.A detailed description and discussion of past and present oppression, prejudice, and discrimination faced by the group.v)  Description of major problems confronted by specific ethnic groups (e.g.poverty, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS etc.)Must have implication of your findings fordelivery of servicesto members of this ethnic Recommended length: 7-10 pages; minimum of 15 scholarly references(excluding the textbook and internet sources)

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