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In many 1st world countries, healthcare is a given with citizenship. This however is not true in America where low income and middle-class workers particularly can’t afford proper healthcare as it’s out of their reach. Not having healthcare makes getting ill almost a death sentence if you don’t have anyone to support you financially. Though even with a problem that affects most of the population of the country the political parties have yet to see eye to eye to solve this issue. Healthcare is an issue that has plagued America for a while now. Whether presidents want to make it better for private corporations or better for the public, the president’s administration seems to be criticized for every move. WIth making healthcare affordable for everyone, different administrations have different takes. The sitting president from 12 years ago Pres. Bush wanted to make healthcare more of an individual’s problem rather than the government’s problem. He did this by giving the general public more accessible prescription drugs and opening tax free health accounts he placed the responsibility on the working class of America and removed it from the seniors of America, many of with already had their own private healthcare. (Schaefer, N. O., & Moffit, R). The Obama administration took a radically different take on healthcare. They pushed to make healthcare more affordable for everyone through the government. While this made more healthcare available for many Americans, Americans who already could afford healthcare did not see a quality increase. As such the program was met with many mixed feelings. (Amadeo, K.). The Trump administration has made it clear even before Trump’s election that they were not a fan of Obamacare. Trump hasn’t made his own healthcare plans solid, he just bashes on Obamacare while trying to repeal it. I believe if Trump gets re-elected we will see more meaningful pushes in the matter. (Kim, S. M. & Dawsey, J). If I had control of the government, I’d probably move more in the direction of Obama. I find it funny that America is one of the few 1st world countries where healthcare is such a big problem. Doesn’t even need to be the best healthcare for all, but at least affordable healthcare for every American citizen.

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