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olly was arrested for violent behavior at her University that she became expelled from.  She has to serve a week in jail, along with continuing her counseling services, and community service. She is unemployed and homeless. Molly has no support system, so she is on her own. Originally, I thought it would be easy to complete. I watched the video and took notes on the information that was needed for the treatment plan. Molly’s needs would be income, employment, and housing. Figuring out what her strengths were not that easy for me considering that she has many needs, very important needs. Her vocational goals were a little difficult because she was open to different ideas and not certain of herself on what would work. For example, she is willing to try Americor, but if it does not work she is open to the military. To resolve this issue, I figured meeting with the client every Wednesday at noon as stated in the video gives an opportunity to stay up to date on her needs and to see if something has changed. I do think the treatment plan form is a great asset for case managers in creating a treatment plan. This type of plan helps clients get on their feet and go in the right direction to help assemble their lives. For example, Molly needs employment, counseling, and shelter. As a case manager all the resources to obtain that will be provided to her.  Even though everything is in black and white it is still going to be a challenge with client implementing these goals and using the referrals provided.

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