Reflective Journal


  1. New practice approaches
  2. Intraprofessional collaboration
  3. Health care delivery and clinical systems
  4. Ethical considerations in health care
  5. Population health concerns
  6. The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
  7. Health policy
  8. Leadership and economic models
  9. Health disparities

Discuss approach of evidence-based practice and my change project with falls was developed through evidence base and what my recommendations are.

Article: Impact of evidence base practice and big ideas and other articles you find

Collaboration within the entire healthcare disciplinary team

Article: Creating a culture of evidence based nursing practice and other articles you find

Article: Healthcare system redesign

Article: Ethics – Interstate Nursing practice


Article: The impact of emerging technology

WHO, ACA, HIPAA, patient safety

Article: The importance of fundamental economic concepts

Article: Disparities


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