Read the Crippen, D., Barnato, A. (2011), health and medicine homework help

Read the Crippen and Barnato article and Answer the questions below.Find the book from a library Please.

Crippen, D., Barnato, A. (2011). The ethical implications of health spending:death and other expensive conditions. The Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics: A Journal of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics. 39(2), 121-129.

Consider the ethical aspects of health care and policy for an aging population.

Reflect on the ethical dilemmas that arise when determining expenditures on end of life care in the United States.

 1.  Identify at least three challenges related to the provision of such care.  Support your position with various citations from the literature.

2.  What values and ethical standards do you believe should be used in determining how resources should be allocated for an aging population and end of life care?               Support your position with various citations from the literature.

5 pages total, to include one title page and one reference page.

Use references no more than 5 years old.  APA format only.  

Use references available from your texts, or from online searches of the current literature.

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