Race, Ethnicity, and State Health Disparities, health and medical assignment help

The purpose of this discussion is to think deeply about health disparities among groups of people living in the same areas, considering the facts, potential causal factors, and possible approaches to alleviating the problems.

Begin by reviewing the data provided on the Trust for America’s Health Web site. Choose two health conditions, such as obesity or asthma, and examine how your state’s (North Carolina) incidence of those conditions compares to that of other states and to national rates. Summarize where your state stands in terms of these conditions.

Now consider the data for your state regarding disparities among racial and ethnic populations, especially for the two health conditions that you reviewed. Summarize any patterns that you see.

For your initial post in this discussion,

  • Present the facts regarding health disparities, race, and ethnicity in your state in regard to one health condition that you believe is significant, including a comparison to other states.
  • Speculate as to the causes of these disparities. Using the data on the Trust for America’s Health Web site, other data sources you find, and your own analysis, suggest and explain at least two possible causes for the disparities you found.
  • Suggest at least one approach to assessing health risks for individuals in your state to address a significant disparity. How might prevention strategies and approaches based on race and ethnicity improve or hinder accurate risk assessment?

This is a discussion assignment. The answer should be a minimum of 250 words with scholarly references.

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