Public Health Preparedness

Attached is the PowerPoint from the chapter in our book, Essentials of Health Policy and Law Third Edition.

  • Responses should be long enough to thoroughly answer the questions or problems. All outside sources must be cited accordingly and per APA.
  • Do not copy and paste an entire article or web page. Summarize important points and cite accordingly.
  • Please avoid using sources such as,,,, and as such. You may use these sites for reference on specific topic but they are not considered reliable source.

Here’s a brief summary of the topic:

The last 15 years have seen many changes in terms of how the United States views homeland security and the role of the public health community in maintaining that security. There is an ever-evolving threat of the terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction—particularly in the use of biological weapons—against the U.S. population. Infectious diseases continue to emerge and reemerge around the world, and the globalization of our food supply and the speed and volume of international travel make us all vulnerable to the emergence of a new agent anywhere in the world. Media reports include constant reminders of the devastating effects of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes, and the lack of infrastructure and resources in many parts of the world leave many regions particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and epidemics.

PLEASE write in APA format thoroughly thought out answers to the following questions and include any references in reference page (ALL SUBMISSIONS in this course are submitted through SafeAssign which means the paper is matched against any other paper written on the web, by other students, and also detects plagiarism):

Discuss what is meant by public health preparedness?

How would you define it? ‘

What do you believe the role of the public health professional is in detecting a public health emergency?

What do you believe the role of the public health professional is in responding to a public health emergency?

What do you believe the role of the public health professional is in recovering from a public health emergency?

Is it possible to infringe upon personal freedoms when engaging in public health preparedness?

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