Professional resource sheet

Professional Resource Sheet:

• The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice critically reviewing and selecting reliable health resources,

and then developing a tool to share those resources with the public (Ch. 9; CHES Responsibility VI).
• Select a target population to create a resource sheet for (e.g., a developmental age, population with a selected

health issue, etc.); search the web for professional sites (e.g., .gov, org, edu; government agencies, national organizations, premier universities, etc.) that provide reliable information, videos, recipes, and other resources that will help the target population to find good resources for healthy eating based on their specific needs; critique and select the best resources to include on the resource sheet using the criteria discussed in class.

• Create a 1-page resource sheet that includes: the resource sheet title and population (e.g., Eating on a Budget in College; Get your toddler to eat healthy! A resource for parents); the name, URL and short description of at least 5 professional web sites that you think will be most beneficial for your selected audience; 1-2 images; your name/date in a footnote at the bottom. The resource sheet should be written for the target audience (e.g., a resource you would give them to go along with the class you are teaching). It should be professional and appealing in appearance.

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