problem solving final

Read case #28 called: “Team Building: From Success to Failure in 24 Hours”  on your book on page sure you have the minimum number of sentences for each question, points will be taken off if you don’t complete the minimum number of sentences for each question.Six Steps to Take In the Problem Solving Process1. Identify and diagnose the problema. List the facts of the case (need at least 8 facts)b. Identify and diagnose the main problem (at least 1-3 sentences)2. Develop creative alternativesa. Develop and explain in detail three (3) creative alternatives (1 sentence for each alternative)3. Evaluate the alternative solutionsa. Evaluate in detail the three (3) alternative solutions (at least 3 sentences for each alternative solution)4. Choose one alternative solutiona. Choose one alternative solution (at least 1 sentence)b. Explain in detail why you chose this alternative solution over the other two alternative solutions (at least 3 sentences)5. Implement the decision and evaluate the results of the decisiona. Explain in detail how you would implement the decision (at least 3 sentences)b. Explain in detail how you would evaluate the results of the decision (at least 2 sentences)6. Repeat the process if necessarya. Explain how you would determine if you needed to repeat the process all over (at least 2 sentences)

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