Prince Mohammed Bin Salman national plan

If you could meet one person – from the past or alive today, who would it be and why? answer this question based on the information below (limit 500 words)

I have chosen Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ( don’t write about his personal life, or education. You have to write about what is he trying to do for the country) Basically this is part of my application so answer the question above in professional writing with no grammar or typo errors

Here is some guideline that you must include in the essay : ( You have to look online at what is he doing for Saudi Arabia)

He is inspiring the whole nation particularly youth and ranked 1 by Time Magazine. He is the engineer of Vision 2030

I am willing, able ,and ready to help in implementing his vision

Then explain what I mean by willing : commitment…., able : qualification and experience…., Ready :…..

My qualifications and experience in health care and Informatics will help to lead health transformation guided by his vision (don’t go in depth on this = means don’t write about me )

You need also to mention the Misk Foundation (The Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Philanthropic Foundation) that aiming to help disadvantaged youth.

I have to sell my self scientifically and professionally to decision maker.

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