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“Prevalence and Correlates of Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Financial Abuse and Potential neglect in the United States: The National Elder Mistreatment Study” (2010) was a study that examined the levels and types of abuse acted upon elders within the country. The study showed that only one in 10 respondents reported when they were abused in some fashion (Acierno, Hernandez, Amstadter, Resnick, Steve, Muzzy & Kilpatrick, 2010). Much of this lack of reporting was due to the same reasons other individuals of other age groups did not report it. Lack of support by society and previous trauma were the most consistent of the correlations of abuse types.

Regression analysis in this case was utilized to show the relationship webs between the types of abuse along with other factors such as age, race, gender and socioeconomic levels. This is a good tool to use for studies that involve various factors which can affect other factors by the relationship shared between them. Regression analysis allows the researcher to study these relationships in their own uniqueness as well as their dynamic as a whole for a broader, more defined analysis of the study.

·  Acierno, R., Hernandez, M., Amstadter, A., Resnick, H., Steve, K., Muzzy, W., & Kilpatrick, D. (2010). Prevalence and correlates of emotional, physical, sexual, and financial abuse and potential neglect in the United States: The National Elder Mistreatment Study. American Journal of Public Health, 100(2), 292–297. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Education Research Complete database.

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