Practice Reflection and Skills Development

1. Creative practice, reflective practice and team skillsIt is important that the Social Care Worker can work independently as well as part of a wider healthcare team, building and maintaining relationships and understanding and valuing individuals and their respective professional roles. S/he should be able to identify the limits of their practice and know when to seek advice and additional expertise or refer to another professional. S/he should be able to give and receive feedback and to input their learning into their practice.In the space below, please give an example of a situation where you were responsible for an individual piece of work with a service user/group of service users and which demonstrates your ability in the above areas2. Flexibility, resilience and ability to deal with challenges.An effective Social Care Worker demonstrates a commitment to providing a quality service. S/he is innovative and open to change in striving to ensure high standards in service delivery. Challenges can arise in many ways in the course of Social Care practice and an ability to manage adversity when it arises is an important professional skill.In the space below, please give an example of a situation where you faced a challenge which was difficult to overcome. Outline how the learning from this has impacted on your practice.3. Decision making, evaluating information and judging situationsIt is important for a Social Care Worker to make decisions and solve problems in a timely manner. S/he will gather and analyse information from a variety of (relevant) sources before making a decision and will use opportunities to empower others as appropriate. S/he will recognise personal responsibility and professional accountability for one’s actions and be able to justify professional decisions made.In the space below, please give an example of a situation where you had to make a decision and the process that you followed..

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