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Choose the biomolecule that BEST fits each description. A single biomolecule can be used as an answer more than once and not all biomolecules need to be used.

A nucleic acid
B protein
C polysaccharide
D lipid

1.This type of molecule can carry out many different functions in the cell because it can fold into many different 3-D shapes. 

2.The type of molecule contains information that determines when and where proteins will be made. 

3.This type of molecule forms fat in your body. 

 4.This type of molecule is used as a signal to help determine if you are male or female.
 5.This type of molecule is a polymer of nucleotides.
 6.This type of molecule is frequently called a carbohydrate. 

 7.This type of molecule provides cells with short term (quick) energy. 

 8.This type of molecule forms the basic structure of cellular membranes. 

 9.This type of molecule is a polymer of amino acids. 

 10.This type of molecule serves as the primary site of information storage in the cell.

Match the following. whether carbohydrate, nucleic acid, protein , lipids

 contain fatty acids and glycerol 

made of units of amino acids 

 used as energy storage and as insulation and cushioning 

enzymes are a particular type of this molecule. 

 used as a quick source of energy.

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