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1. A weight suspended from a spring is seen to bob up and down over a distance of 20cm twice each second. What is its frequency? It’s period? It’s aptitude? 

2. What TWO physics mistakes occur in science-fiction movie that shows a distant explosion in outer space, where you see and hear the explosion at the same time? 

3. Sound travels 1530m/s in sea water. If a dolphin sends a 20,000Hz “message” to another dolphin that is 3km away: 
A. What is the wavelength of the message? 
B. How long does it take the “message” to reach the second dolphin? 

4. Blue-green light has a frequency of about 6 X 10^14 Hz. Use the relationship c=fx(upside down Greek Y symbol) to find the wavelength of this light in air. How does the wavelength compare with the size of an atom, which is about 10^-10m?

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