please explains Hydrogen very special properties, biology homework help

1. Hydrogen is everywhere, our sun is filled with it, it interacts easily – please explains its very special properties. Try to see and describe details.

2. Oxygen is highly flammable, and yet, it is everywhere inside organisms and in the atmosphere. In fact, no species on earth could live without it? Please explore and discuss this topic.

3. All organic substances contain lots of carbon. In fact, by definition, everything that contains carbon is organic and part of the living world. Discuss the atomic properties of carbon and reasons why carbon plays such a crucial role on earth.

Without water, there would be no life on earth! The earth coalesced from solar dust about 4.5 billion years ago. Once oceans of liquid water established themselves on the young planet, single cells evolved in them about 3.5 billion years ago. Once oceans of liquid water established themselves on the young planet, single cells evolved in them about 3.5 billion years ago. Much later, and only in water, appear the first multicelled organisms. Only by around 500 million years ago do we see fungi and the first simple plants develop on land. They are followed by the first small invertebrate land animals. However, even though these early land forms adapted to dry land, they had to make significant physical and physiological adjustments in order take water with them on land. Nothing can live without water anywhere on this earth!

4. Water molecules are ‘compounds’, and they bond together viahydrogen bonds. Please describe these bonds in detail, and how they give water its special ‘life-giving’ qualities.

5. Please describe in detail the ‘cohesion’ properties of water. How do they come about?

6. Please explain the meaning of ‘heat’.

7. Then explain the meaning of ‘temperature’.

8. What is the function of bodies of water in terms of temperature to their surrounding land mass?

9. Explain the importance of water’s evaporative coolingproperties. How does it work? Some mammals, such as humans, have special skin properties that take advantage of this – how?

10. Please explain to us what a ‘calorie’ is and how it is measured.

11. Is a nutritional calorie the same as the one we discuss in a chemical lab?

12. Water is a powerful solvent, not only inside of bodies, but also in the soil and all bodies of water. How does it work?

13. Why is the solvency of water completely necessary for all life on earth?

14. Describe and explain the importance of floating ice. Why does it float? Why is it important? Be very specific.

15. Water may exist as a solid, a liquid, and as vapor. We have seen the importance of the first two qualities. Please explain the necessity of water becoming vapor.

16. What does pH mean?

17. How important do you think is the testing for pH in water, and in the soil?

18. Carefully explain why a slight change in the pH of any organism can be very harmful. Be sure to include details of explanation.

19. Lately you have heard in the scientific news of the possibility that Planet Mars may have had some liquid water in the past; there may also be some buried ice. What could that imply?

20. Can you explain what an enzyme is?

21. Where would you look for enzymes?

22. Why are enzymes so important in body functions?

23. How do protein and carbohydrate molecules differ?

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