Please answer all questions.

Answer the following questions specifically about Appendix B in Polit and Beck textbook pp.347-362:

  1. Is the research question congruent with a qualitative or quantitative approach? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  2. Was the research tradition identified? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  3. Was this study a descriptive or interpretive phenomenology? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  4. Could this study have been conducted as an ethnographic or a grounded theory study? Explain thoroughly. (4)
  5. Are data sources and research methods congruent with the identified research tradition? Explain thoroughly. (4)
  6. How well was the research design described? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  7. Is the evidence of reflexivity? Explain thoroughly. (2)

Answer the following questions specifically about Appendix A in Polit and Beck textbook pp. 329-345:

  1. Did the descriptive statistics in the report sufficiently describe the major variables and background characteristics of the sample? Explain thoroughly. (4)
  2. Were statistical analyses undertaken to assess threats to the study’s validity? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  3. Did the researchers report any inferential statistics? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  4. Was information provided about hypothesis testing and parameter estimation? Explain thoroughly. (4)
  5. Were effect sizes reported? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  6. Overall did the report statistics provide readers with sufficient information about the study results? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  7. Was information about reliability and validity of measures reported? Explain thoroughly. (4)
  8. Was there an appropriate amount of statistical information? Explain thoroughly. (2)
  9. Looking at Table 1 ~ What percentage of parents graduated from college? What was the mean score and the SD of the parents on the CES-D depression scale? Thoroughly explain the significance of these. (6)
  10. In Table 2, what percentage of parents reported that they “almost never” praised their child? And what percentage of parents reported that they “almost never” critized their child? Thoroughly explain the significance of these. (4)
  11. In Table 4, what was the correlation coefficient between parents’ self reported use of criticism and their score on the depressive symptom scale and is this correlation statistically significant? Explain thoroughly. (4)

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