physics question

23. A man has a height of 2 meters and a mass of 60kg. he drinks a magic position and becomes a giant of 4 meters in height ( but retains his previous proportions) What is his mass now? ____kg?

24. The surface area of a pyramid is 200 m^2 and it has a total volume of V If a similarly proportioned pyramid has a surface area of 800 m^2 and its volume is x*v what os X?

25. A swimming pools measures 10 meters wide by 50 meters long by 4 meters deep. It springs a leak 2 meters below the surface  what is the water pressure at this point?___pa

27. A solid rubber ball of volume 10 cm^3 floats in water. 4 cm^3 of the ball is above the water lone and the rest is below. What is the density of the rubber? ___kg/m^3

28. A planet has an atmospheric pressure of 50,000 Pa, and an acceleration due to gravity half that on the earths surface. what is the longest drinking straw that could be used to suck up a liquid density 500kg/m^3____m

29. Which of the following are primarily due to Bernoulli’s Principals? (choose all that apply)

A. Dropping objects not accelerating with the full acceleration due to gravity, g.

B. Umbrellas turning inside out when windy

C. Baseballs curving when spinning

D. Being able to raise a large mass using a hydraulic jack

30. A big tube is filled with water and solid balls of the different sizes and the substances dropped  down. Taking into account water resistance , the time taken to reach the bottom is shorter if the ball is 

a- made of denser substance (true or false) ( assume same size)

b- bigger; true of false ( assume same density)

A. a) false b)true

B. a)false b)false

C. a) true  b) true

D a) true b)true

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