PHYS 101 ​Assignment


  • Suppose that a waffle recipe designed to feed three people calls for 600 mL of flour. How many milliliters of flour would you use if you wanted to extend the recipe to feed four people?
  • A man uses his hand to measure the width of a table top. If his hand has a width of 12 cm at its widest point, and he finds the table top to be 11.5 hands wide, what is the width of the table top in centimeters? In meters?
  • A woman’s foot is 9 inches long. If she paces off the length of a room by placing one foot directly in front of the other and finds the room to be 20.5 foot-lengths long, what is the length of the room in inches? In feet?
  • A crate has a mass of 1.4 kg (kilograms). What is this mass in grams? In milligrams?
  • A mile is 5280 feet long. The meter stick in the lab shows that 1 m is approximately 39.4 in. How many meters are there in a mile? How many kilometers (km) are there in a mile?
  • The area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length of a surface by its width. If a floor measures 4.5 m2 (square meters), how many square centimeters (cm2) does this represent? How many square centimeters are there in 1 m2
  • Look around your home, car, or dormitory room to see what measuring tools (rulers, measuring cups, speedometers, thermometers, and so on) you have handy. Which of these tools, if any, provide both English and metric units? For those that do, determine the conversion factor needed to convert the English units to metric units.
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