Philosophy Alignment

As more organizations seek Magnet® designation, they must create a mission, vision, and framework grounded in theory. These foundational decisions affect how care is delivered throughout the organization, thus directly affecting nurses. Locate the mission, vision, and framework of the organization you work for or one of interest. Reflect on the nursing philosophy you created in Week 1. Consider how closely the organization’s defined goals relate to your philosophy. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Cite at least three scholarly articles. Format your assignment as one of the following: •7- to 10-slide presentation •1- to 2-minute podcast •7 to 10-minute video presentation •430-word paper •another format approved by your instructor This assignment still requires 3 scholarly articles, so be sure to follow that standard. A scholarly article is one that is from a professional journal (it can be nursing or another profession). These journals are considered peer reviewed, thus scholarly. You can find them in a data base in the library, but be sure you format them appropriately in APA in your paper. You cannot just add a “Retrieved from” address and consider that APA. A scholarly journal contains the author(s), year, title of article in lowercase, title of journal in italics, volume/issue (volume in italics, issue in parenthesis, not in italics), and page numbers where available – THEN you can add the database “Retrieved from” information address. If you choose to do a PowerPoint, be sure you follow PowerPoint rules as outlined in my initial announcements on the home page, and your scholarly articles are one of the slides.

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