PHE6210 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Week 4Social Marketing CampaignsSocial marketing uses traditional marketing concepts to change health behavior, with the ultimate outcome of a healthier population. Social marketing campaigns have been used to raise awareness of risk and risk behaviors, to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors, and to encourage cessation of unhealthy behaviors. In this assignment, you will be analyzing social marketing campaigns.For this assignment, select two social marketing campaigns that have been conducted on the same health issue. Be sure to select social marketing campaigns or health issues different from those you used in previous discussion questions, assignments, or the final project.Using the readings for this week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, write a 3–5-page paper that addresses the following:Evaluate both campaigns discussing their strengths and weaknesses.Examine how each of the 4Ps of the marketing mix—price, product, promotion, and place—was addressed in each campaign.Compare and contrast the campaigns in terms of the definitions of social marketing provided in the readings.Examine the outcomes or objectives for each campaign.Describe the intervention strategies for each campaign.Conclude the paper with your recommendation for the most effective campaign, giving a brief justification.Submission Details:Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word format to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.Name your document SU_PHE6210_W4_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.Cite all sources using the APA format.Criteria: Provide an introductory and concluding paragraphs. Provide scholarly references in APA format. Provide a plagiarism report.

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