Pharmaceutical Marketing to Physicians Policy

For my final project, I would like to address politics and policies surrounding pharmaceutical marketing to physicians. It is widely accepted that the cost of healthcare in the United States has gotten out of hand. This is partially because there are so many mistakes made in preventative care and over treatment. I propose that reducing pharmaceutical marketing to physicians would reduce the rate of over and incorrect treatment, thereby lowering the cost to the average consumer.  There have been questions lately regarding how incentives from pharmaceutical companies may  be influencing physicians’ prescribing tendencies and trends. I will present this research, as well as research on how over treatment affects the cost of healthcare for the average consumer to give a bigger picture of how inaccurate prescribing effects the average American. Finally, I will propose a policy change to help limit this problem without limiting the access physicians have to information on new medications.

Literature Review

The Literature Review should discuss at least ten sources that relate to your chosen topic and that provide you with a depth of understanding on that topic.  In the Literature Review, you should not simply list these sources and summarize their contents.  Instead, you need to identify key themes and debates in that literature, and distill these findings down into a coherent, well-organized discussion of the issue. (2 pages)

Policy Memo

In the Policy Memo, you need to build on the work you have done in the Literature Review.  You should clearly identify an intervention and a target population; you should critically examine the intervention, in terms of both its strengths and its weaknesses; and make recommendations for a future course of action. You may either support or oppose the policy.  The purpose of the Policy Memo is to inform stakeholders about the issue and provide them with the basis for making a policy decision. (2 pages)

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