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It is very important for any licensed personnel to stay up to date with licensing requirements, scope of practice and other obligations that may be required by their governing body. In the state of Florida there is quite a bit of rules and regulations and definitions that help to advise the nurse practitioner on their legal scope of practice. There are a few items I found interesting. The first is the continuing education credits that must be completed biannually, the first being a completion of at least 3 hours on safe and effective prescription of controlled substances and the second being a 2-hour course on human trafficking. I found the human trafficking interesting, as a nurse we did not have to do anything like that. These courses must be offered by a statewide professional association of physicians accredited to provide educational activities designated for American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 credit, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, or the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and may be offered in a distance format (The 2017 Florida, 2017). These three requirements will be very important to remember when renewing the state license.

The 2017 Florida Statutes. (2017, January). Retrieved from…

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