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Palestine Islamic Jihad is a well-known group that is sponsored by the state. The group is not only supported by the Palestine parallel government but also by other states like Iran who are pursuing their goals (Martin, 2010, p. 106). Palestine Islamic Jihad is an Islamic terror group that opposes the existence of the Israel. In a bid to establish a state that comprises of the Islamic Palestinians this group gets support in its resistance acts from Iran. On the other hand, the terror group also assists Iran by proving weapons of war and other necessary resources to the nation. Therefore the relationship between the terror group and the government of Iran is based on giving support towards goal accomplishment.

Nature of Relationship between Iran and Palestine Islamic Jihad

Iran is a nation that has been known for providing support to Islamic terrorism. Moreover, the nation still continues to be an active sponsor of terrorism mostly terror activities associated with Islamic movements. In the nation, the minister of intelligence and security were involved in the plans of terror attacks initiated by Islamic groups. The main reason for the support was to ensure that the terror groups pursued their goals. The Palestine Islamic Jihad as a terror group sponsored by Iran seeks to pursue its goal of establishing a Palestinian Islamic state (Mullens, 2012, p. 38). Nevertheless, Iran also had its motive by providing support to the terror group.

Iran was considered a nation of Islamic individuals who were seen as a threat and a danger to society. When well-trained Afghan-Arab military individuals began returning home, they were watched closely by governments. When they were deemed as Islamists, who were also considered a danger to society, they were denied a warm and good welcome home. As a result of this, Iran decided to sponsor terror groups like the Palestine Islamic Jihad as a form of vengeance for their people rather than fighting back in Iraq. Therefore the relationship between the terror group Palestine Islamic Jihad and the Iranians were based on giving the Islamic a state of their own and for them to be recognized and not just receive ill treatments for who they were.

Impact of Terror State Relationships

Iran would get provisions in the form of weapons from the terror groups as compensation for sponsorship and support in terror acts performed by the terror group against Israel. Moreover, the terror group would provide training, funding, and a haven for the Iranians (Vanhala, 2011, p. 72). Iran was rich in weapons and training so that they could fight their enemies when necessary. On the other hand, the terror group found it easy to pursue their goals of establishing a Palestinian state by destroying Israel.

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