oil drilling

  • Latin America is a massive territories with a massive potential for oil production
  • Latin America has been producing since the early 20th century
    • Mexico is ranked fourth of the oil production market along with Saudi Arabia, USA, and Russia
    • Other countries who produce oil are Brazil, Ecuador, Patagonia, Venezuela.
  • Depending on the area, people would look for the oil in offshore islands(for example Patagonia and Brazil)
  • Due to the massive oil drilling, a lot of wildlife and people around the country are suffering for destruction in their ecosystems.
  • The world’s largest oil rig, located 78 miles off the coast of Brazil, was victimized in 2001 by three mysterious explosions that left up to 10 people dead and one critically burned. The sinking of the 40-story rig had the potential to dump at least 400,000 gallons of oil into the sea.
  • Recently, people are becoming aware of clean and renewable energy sources
    • Oil production is not infinite
    • The government should look into other resources(ex: natural resources)
  • Oil production from offshore has more disadvantages toward production
    • Offshore oil drilling takes only 30% of the oil production compared to 70% oil production from inshore
    • It takes more equipment to drill down the seafloor = need more fund= total cost is more expensive than the inshore oil drilling
  • Inshore oil drilling should be considered by finding the place which has less of an effect on the environment
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