Oceanography, environmental assignment help

Hi can you please answer each of these questions in 50 words or more?

What are four natural processes of decreasing seawater salinity, and two natural processes of increasing seawater salinity? Describe the processes – remember that I am looking for evidence that you understand the material, so be sure to add details that support your statements.

Name and discuss two main types of marine pollution. Which type do you consider the most harmful? Why do you think so? Be sure to include details that show how well you understand the material, and use facts from your reading (the textbook or other sources) to support your ideas. Don’t forget to tell us what sources you used for your information.

Why is ice less dense than water? (What do you suppose would happen to fish if this weren’t true?)

Why is polar water saltier than ocean water? How does that affect ocean currents?

Where is water the saltiest? Why is it so salty?

What is the average deep ocean temperature? What are the coldest temperatures? Where do the coldest temperatures occur?

What is the ocean pressure at its deepest point? Where does that pressure occur?

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